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Fraud Line
Blow the whistle on fraud and unethical conduct, GEPF has decided to act pro-actively in addressing unethical behaviour, theft, fraud or related activity and has thus joined forces with The Vuvuzela Hotline to fight such practices. The GEPF Hotline, operated by The Vuvuzela Hotline, has been established with the aim to enhance honest work ethic and simultaneously provides employees with a mechanism to bring any unethical business practices to the attention of management. The hotline operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The hotline number is toll-free if you call from a Telkom line (including public phones) within South Africa, calls made from cellular phones will be charged at standard service provider rate. Calls made from outside South Africa will be charged at the applicable international call rates. It is as simple as dialing 0800 20 3900 NB: You do not have to reveal your name or any details. It is important to remember though that in some cases (for example where you are personally affected) you may be encouraged to provide your personal details. Please follow the steps below to contact the GEPF fraud line: Dial 0800 20 3900. You may remain anonymous. Provide full details in respect of the fraudulent, corrupt or unethical practice to the call operator. Such details may include: Who, What, How, Where, When and the Value involved.You will be given a reference number. Keep this confidential as you will need this number if you make a follow-up call (call at a later date to add additional information to the original report) or request feedback (call at a later date to request feedback on the original call).
DO THE RIGHT THING. Remember: Good Ethics Prevent Fraud.

GEPF Ethics and Fraud hotline number 0800 203 900,
SMS: 30916,
email: gepf@thehotline.co.za,
fax: 086 726 1681 and www.thehotline.co.za
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