Media Release
09 May 2024, Pretoria

In a significant move to bolster support for members, pensioners, and beneficiaries during times of bereavement, the GEPF is pleased to announce a 25% increase in the funeral benefits for members. The purpose of GEPF funeral benefits is to help pay the funeral costs when a member or pensioner passes away. Funeral benefits are also paid out on the death of the spouse, life partner or eligible child of a member or pensioner.

This increase is effective from 1 April 2024 and will be applied retrospectively. All deaths occurring from 1 April 2024, will be eligible for the enhanced benefits. Dependents whose loved ones passed away from this date onwards and have already received a payment will also be eligible for a top-up to the benefit previously paid.

The enhanced funeral benefits are as follows:

  • Member or pensioner: R20 000
  • Spouse of member or pensioner: R20 000
  • Eligible child: R8 000 per child; and
  • Stillborn child: R8 000 per stillborn.

Previously, the funeral benefits for a member and pensioner were R15 000 and R6 000 for children and stillborn respectively.

The GEPF acknowledges the cultural and social significance of funerals within many South African communities, recognising them as essential rites that allow families to honour their loved ones with dignity. Aware of the financial strain these ceremonies can place on families, amplified by current economic challenges, the GEPF has acted to ease the burden.

It is after due consideration of these factors that the GEPF Board of Trustees (BoT) has increased the payment values of the funeral benefits to provide further assistance to families of GEPF members, pensioners, and beneficiaries during their time of bereavement. The decision reflects a deep understanding of the members’ and beneficiaries’ needs during such vulnerable times. This adjustment is designed to provide substantial relief, helping families focus on healing rather than financial stress.

Importantly, the criteria regarding how members, pensioners and beneficiaries qualify to submit a claim and the associated procedures for the funeral benefits remains unchanged. Details regarding the qualification criteria and procedures are outlined in detail on the GEPF website on the following link,

The GEPF is confident that the enhancement of the funeral benefits will contribute to easing the financial and emotional pressures on families, ensuring loved ones are commemorated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Issued by Government Employees Pension Fund