Corporate Governance

The GEPF Board of Trustees governs the Pension Fund and is accountable for its administrative and investment performance. The Board is established in terms of the GEP Law and Rules and appointed for a four-year period.   The Rules prescribe that the Board is responsible for the proper and efficient management of the Fund and consists of:

  • eight employer nominees; and
  • eight employee nominees, which includes a pensioner member and representative of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and Intelligence, elected through postal ballot.

According to the GEP Law, fiduciary responsibility for the Pension Fund rests with the Board, which has constituted five permanent committees and two subcommittees to give effect to its strategic direction, and to ensure that proper oversight and monitoring of outsourced services.

Board Secretariat

The Board Secretariat ensures that the Board practices good governance at all times. They also provide guidance to the board on the duties of the trustees, ensure that the trustees are adequately inducted and trained, and provide an executive secretariat function to the Board and its committees.