As the Government Employees Pension Fund is the custodian of a significant portion of the wealth of public servants, our mission is to:

  • ensure the sustainability of the Fund;
  • provide for efficient delivery of benefits; and
  • empower our beneficiaries through effective communication.

To be a global leading and reputable pension fund that delivers quality service to beneficiaries.


We value integrity, transparency, client centricity, accountability, and innovation.

Integrity means:

  • being ethical and truthful;
  • maintaining good governance practices; and
  • Not misrepresenting or withholding information to which our stakeholders are entitled.

Transparency means:

  • communicating openly and frequently with our stakeholders;
  • setting out information in a format that is clear and understandable; and
  • being open to scrutiny and oversight.

Client Centricity means:

  • working collectively and cooperatively with our stakeholders;
  • caring; and
  • maintaining customer focus.

Accountability means:

  • acting with due diligence, competence, confidentiality, and reliability.

Innovation means:

  • Championing research and development in the retirement fund industry worldwide.