A pension fund is an institution that exists because of its members and the communities they represent. The logo depicts an organisation that empowers members in such a way that each individual associated with it can feel a sense of ownership. The design clearly demonstrates the concept of owning and sharing in the wealth.

The structure of the logo is portrayed as a tree. Trees, due to their extensive life spans, are symbols of long term growth, vitality and sustainability. They are able to weather all seasons, storms and any manner of natural adversity. When everything around the tree withers and fades, it is left standing year in and year out.  In this instance, the actual representation of the tree is not specific to any species, thereby enhancing the universal appeal of the design for a broad spectrum of the South African population.

The leaves and branches of the tree are symbolic of the wealth of GEPF. The stylised figures below the leaves are designed with the dual purpose of representing the stem of the tree as well as the sharing and owning of wealth. This is immensely symbolic as the figures form the stem, and essentially the foundation of the organisation. This structure bears the product of the tree, essentially the leaves are symbolic of the wealth.

The colours are warm and appeal to all sectors of the population. The logo is inviting, accommodating and majestic. It is a symbol which will evoke a sense of pride when associating with GEPF.

Your Investment, Your Future

This is a fund that exists because of you. Its growth is your growth, its success is your success and, most importantly, its wealth is your wealth. Your trust and commitment to the Fund will guarantee your future and the livelihood of your immediate community. This entity is your entity, you represent it, and you own it and it cannot exist without you.