There are strict rules about the kind of benefits GEPF must pay and how money must be invested. These rules are spelled out in the Government Employees Pension Law 21 of 1996, as amended, which is referred to as the GEP Law. The aim of this law and the rules that guide the Board of Trustees in governing the Fund is to ensure that GEPF puts the interests of its members first.

For instance:
  • The benefits are guaranteed: All GEPF benefits are defined in the GEP Law and rules, which is why GEPF is called a defined benefit fund. The advantage of belonging to a defined benefit fund is that benefits are guaranteed. Members will never receive less than the benefits they qualify for.
  • The benefits are protected against inflation: We have a solid track record in safeguarding the value of members’ retirement wealth and in protecting our pensioners against inflation. According to the Fund’s rules, the annual pension increase paid to our pensioners must be at least 75% of the average increase in consumer inflation during the previous year. Where pensions fall behind inflation, we also pay catch-up pension increases