The GEPF has more than 340 000 pensioners. Most of them are ordinary pensioners who have retired from service and receive monthly pension benefits. There are also other pensioners who receive special pensions, medical pensions, disability pensions or military pensions.

Ordinary pensioners

An ordinary pensioner is a retired government employee who has saved for retirement throughout his or her career by paying monthly contributions to the GEPF. In return, upon retirement, a pensioner is guaranteed certain pension and other benefits. When an ordinary pensioner dies after retiring, his or her beneficiaries also receive specific benefits.

Medical pensions

These benefits are paid to government employees whose service is ended for medical reasons or because of an injury while on duty.

Military pensions

These pensions are paid to members of the South African National Defence Force who are injured or disabled while performing military service. Benefits depend on the extent of the disability. A gratuity, a once-off cash lump sum, is paid if the degree of disability is less than 20 percent, while an annuity, monthly pension, is paid if the extent of disability exceeds20 percent. Military pensioners are also entitled to medical treatment and appliances for their disabilities.