The investment beliefs adopted by the Board of Trustees in March 2017 are stated below: 

2.1. The GEPF’s investment strategy considers the Fund’s risk profile, assets and liabilities. Risk is considered at the asset class, portfolio, and investment levels. 

2.2. Taking well-considered risks is necessary to earn the returns required to meet the Fund’s pension obligations, provided that appropriate risk management processes are followed. 

2.3. The Fund’s strategic asset allocation is the key determinant of portfolio risk and return, and it may be implemented through a combination of active and passive management. 

2.4. The GEPF integrates Environmental, Social and Governance factors into its investment policies as they are material to the long-term sustainability of the Fund. 

2.5. The Fund’s investments should play a developmental role in the South African and broader African economy, and investment decisions may reflect wider stakeholder views. 

2.6. The Fund’s reputation must be supported by robust and rational investment decisions, executed by appropriately skilled and competent investment professionals. 

2.7. Minimising the costs of investing is vital for long term investment success, and management fees should promote an alignment of interests between the Fund and its managers. 

2.8. The Fund’s trustees, administrators and investment managers are accountable for their decisions, and must perform their duties to the highest professional ethical standards. 

2.9. The Fund’s trustees commit to high standards of openness, transparency and appropriate disclosure in line with best practice standards.