The Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) has become aware of fraudulent letters being sent to GEPF members and pensioners, using fake GEPF letterheads by fraudsters trying to defraud members and pensioners off their pension’s monies.

The individuals are sending letters to GEPF members and pensioners to request information relating to their pending pension payments. These letters request members and pensioners to provide:

  • Personal details such as identity numbers, pension numbers and bank details.
  • Confirm that they agree to transact electronically with the GEPF with respect to submitting and processing of their information.
  • Verifying personal details including email and cell phone details.
  • Accept and respond to a One-time Pin (OTP) to legitimise the communication.

Members and pensioners are also being targeted via SMS’s encouraging them to resign and collect their pensions indicating that they would receive more funds when they resign rather than retire.

Pensioners and members are advised not to respond to such correspondence. Such correspondence should be brought to the attention of the GEPF. Pensioners and members are further advised to always contact the Fund to verify any type of communication, especially when they are expecting payment on their pensions.

The GEPF would like to make its members, pensioners, beneficiaries, and their families aware that:

  • GEPF services are FREE
  • No one is allowed to ask for a fee to assist GEPF current or former members, pensioners, beneficiaries, or their families with respect to GEPF services
  • Members and pensioners are requested not to share their personal information such as identity document number, pension number, email addresses, cell phone numbers and bank account details.

Note to editor

GEPF is the largest Pension Fund in Africa with over 1.2 million active members and about 500 000 pensioners and beneficiaries. The Fund is responsible for more than R2.3 trillion in assets under its management.

Issued by: Government Pensions Administration Agency

For more information:

Enquires: GPAA Head of Communication: Mack Lewele 082 450 5076 or Dr Rakgwatha Mokou: 0818140030

Or contact the GEPF on:

Call Centre:0800 117 669
Twitter: @GEPF_SA