NOTICE: 21 February 2024

The GEPF offices and call centre are now operational. This follows their closure since Friday, 16 February 2024, as a result of an attempt to gain unauthorised access to GEPF systems.

The GPAA has since restored regional office and call centre systems, and members and pensioners can now visit GEPF offices to submit claims and be assisted with other enquiries. The call centre operating hours have been extended from 07:30 to 18:00 until further notice. Work is currently underway to restore full functionality of the GEPF App.

The GEPF once again apologises for the inconvenience this has caused to members, pensioners, and beneficiaries. We reiterate that no payments were affected by this incident, and pensioners and members will receive their benefits as per their usual payment dates. The GEPF assures its members, pensioners, and beneficiaries that their benefits and personal information are safe, and that the administration system has not been compromised.